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To be a leading international association representing the majority of managers and executives with technical background of all shipping companies sited in Hellas and worldwide.



  • Knowledge and experience sharing for matters related to the technical ship management and ship design,operation and maintenance.
  • Promoting quality, safety, security and environment friendly procedures.
  • Take position on any matter related to the technical ship management and submit reports and/or proposals to the Ministry of Mercantile Marine, Union of shipowners, Hellenic and International organizations.
  • In close contact with the authorities, the shipyards and all ship service providers for any matter related to the current and future regulations relevant to the safe operation of the crew and the ship, the environment protection and any other matter related to the ship management.
  • Promoting of the views and position of the members of the Association and the Companies they work for, or any matter related to the technical ship management.
  • Consolidation of views and practices between the members of the Association, to the extent possible, appropriate and applicable.
  • Organizing meetings and conferences to keep members updated with the regulations and the state of the art in ship design and shipbuilding, ship machinery and ship management.

GREEN4SEA Athens Forum, Tuesday 02Apr24

Events | 09 February 2024

GREEN4SEA Athens Forum, Tuesday 02Apr24,  at the Lighthouse of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), Athens

The event at a glance
This is the 13th GREEN4SEA Forum scheduled as a full day event on Tuesday 2 April 2024 at the Lighthouse of Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), Athens, to discuss a number of issues around Environmental Excellence and Sustainable Shipping as per below agenda. This is a NON PROFIT event expected to attract a target group from mainly Safety, Technical, Operations, Marine departments of Ship Operators and relevant associated industry organizations. Attendance will be FREE of charge to delegates.

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MARTECMA honours the memory of Stavros Daniolos supporting the NTUA

News - Press Releases | 04 February 2024

MARTECMA honours the memory of Stavros Daniolos supporting the NTUA

MARTECMA’s New Year’s Dinner was marked by the announcement of a donation of 10,000 euros to the School of Naval Architecture and Mechanical Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). The donation was made in memory of the esteemed MARTECMA member Stavros Daniolos, who stood out for his profound technical knowledge and his unwavering dedication to his colleagues. The donation underscores MARTECMA’s commitment to supporting education and fostering knowledge sharing within the maritime community.

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Webinar from Lloyd’s Register: Fit for 55: Optimising Compliance under the EU’s New Regime – February 7, 2024

Events | 19 January 2024

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7th Slide2Open Shipping Finance – 24.01.24 – Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall

Events | 18 January 2024

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The ISALOS.NET Maritime Conference – 13Nov2023

Events | 09 November 2023

✅ Is the shipping industry making significant progress towards decarbonization?

✅ What are the challenges and prospects of the regulatory framework for the preservation of the marine environment?

✅ What technologies are expected to lead the green transition of the maritime industry?

✅ How can the industry’s stakeholders collaborate for the benefit of environment?

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22nd Navigator 2023 | 09Nov2023

Events | 26 October 2023

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Greener Shipping Summit 07Nov23

Events | 12 June 2023

The  Greener Shipping Summit November 7, 2023 under the title “Where is Shipping Heading in the next Decade?” which was held on Tuesday, November 7, at the Eugenides Foundation was a great success.

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Greener Shipping Summit Mar23

Events | 28 March 2023

New technologies and education were the focus of the day-long summit held, March 16, at the Eugenides Foundation, Athens, organised by Newsfront / Naftiliaki under the auspices of Greece’s Martecma (Marine Technical Managers Association).

400 delegates, from 242 companies and 13 countries, attended the Summit and helped the buzz going.

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Slide2Open Shipping Finance 2023

Events | 12 March 2023

For a 6th continuous year, the Slide2Open Shipping Finance is back on 15Mar23, 09:00 – 19:00, with physical presence at Divani Caravel and will be also transmitted live streaming, engaging more than 600 participants and a rising over the internet of 22.500 participants from 104 countries.

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2023 GREEN4SEA Athens Forum

Events | 12 March 2023

GREEN4SEA Athens Forum is scheduled as a full day event on Wednesday 29Mar23 Eugenides Foundation.
The 2023 GREEN4SEA Athens Forumng global conference focuses on latest developments in green shipping including air emissions, shipping decarbonization,
ship recycling, future fuels and ESG in shipping.
Martecma members are welcome to register on the link below:

22nd NAVIGATOR 2023 – The Shipping Decision Makers Forum

Events | 12 March 2023

22nd NAVIGATOR 2023 – The Shipping Decision Makers Forum is taking place on 21Mar23, 18:00 – 21:00 in Grand Hayatt in Athens, under the auspices of MarTecMA.
Registration for MarTecMA members is free and MarTecMA members are welcome to engage in a very interesting forum.
Information on the forum at the following link:

UPDATE 04/04/2023


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2023 GREEN4SEA Athens Forum

Events | 12 March 2023

Greener Shipping Summit Mar23 is taking place on 16Mar23, 08:30 – 16:00 in Eugenides foundation in Athens, under the auspices of MarTecMA.
The summit will deal with New Technologies and education, registration for MarTecMA members is free and MarTecMA members are welcome to engage in a very interesting summit.
Agenda of the summit is attached.

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MARTECMA Pita Cutting 11 Jan 2023

Events | 28 February 2023

On the 11th of January 2023, 19:00-21:00, the Marine Technical Managers Association (MarTecMA) held its first meeting for the 2023 and back-to-back 21:00 had the traditional pita cutting in the excellent venue of the Yacht Club of Greece.

More than 140 people, members, associate members and guests, attended the meeting, which was honoured with the presence of Mrs. Ioanna Prokopiou.

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Greener Shipping Summit 15 Nov 2022

Events | 27 February 2023

The 13th Greener Shipping summit organized by Newsfront Naftiliaki, under the auspices of Martecma, was held on 15Nov22 in Eugenides Foundation, Athens.

500 delegates from 230 companies and 16 countries attended the Summit.

Martecma was instrumental to the success of the event. Martecma chairman Panos Kourkountis / Sea Traders chaired the summit, while Martecma members Haris Giantzikis / Arcadia Shipmanagement, Christos Hadjigeorgiou /Almi Marine moderated 2 of the 4 sessions and Antonis Georgantzis / Latsco Marine, Eleftherios Dedes / Polembros Shipping, Fotis Belexis / Star Bulk Carriers Corp, Takis Koutris / Roxana Shipping, Stavros Hatzigrigoris / Zodiac Maritime contributed as speakers and panelists.

David Glass/Naftiliaki opened the summit and keynote speaker was Mr John Platsidakis/Intercargo honorary chairman.
Natassa Vassilaki and Sofia Mpakoula of Naftiliaki attended throughout the event to ensure the smooth progress.
The Summit went someway to assessing the challenges facing the shipping industry as it strives to comply with the goals of becoming even more greener, efficient, safer and environmentally friendly and make the “desirable doable”.

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MarTecMA council elections 10Oct22

Announcements | 20 October 2022

MarTecMA council elections 10 Oct 22

Elections for the new council were conducted 10Oct22 along with members meeting 2022-041, results were known and distributed after the members meeting 2022-04, 10Oct22.

Council composition:

  • Kourkountis Panos (Sea Traders) Chairman
  • Georgantzis Antonis (Latsco) Vice Chairman
  • Belexis Fotis (Starbulk) Vice Chairman
  • Koutris Panagiotis (Roxana) Secretary
  • Spertos Andreas (Maran) Treasurer
  • Dalmyras Fotis (Andriaki Shipping)
  • Hatzigrigoris Stavros (General Maritime)
  • Giantzikis Haris (Arcadia Maritime)
  • Synefias Miltos (Pleiades Shipping)
  • Vaporis Nikos (Capital)
  • Zachariadis Panos (Atlantic Bulk Carrier)

Internal Financial controllers:
As per Martecma Articles of Association, article17 par.8 four (4) 4 internal controllers, three plus one st/by, will be needed to control the Martecma income and expenses.

Results of the election:

  • Kriezis George (Neptune Lines)
  • Apostolou Apostolos (Navarone S.A.)
  • Mountzouris Dimitrios (Hellespont Steamship Corp)

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