MarTecMA council elections 10Oct22

Announcements | 20 October 2022

MarTecMA council elections 10 Oct 22

Elections for the new council were conducted 10Oct22 along with members meeting 2022-041, results were known and distributed after the members meeting 2022-04, 10Oct22.

Council composition:

  • Kourkountis Panos (Sea Traders) Chairman
  • Georgantzis Antonis (Latsco) Vice Chairman
  • Belexis Fotis (Starbulk) Vice Chairman
  • Koutris Panagiotis (Roxana) Secretary
  • Spertos Andreas (Maran) Treasurer
  • Dalmyras Fotis (Andriaki Shipping)
  • Hatzigrigoris Stavros (General Maritime)
  • Giantzikis Haris (Arcadia Maritime)
  • Synefias Miltos (Pleiades Shipping)
  • Vaporis Nikos (Capital)
  • Zachariadis Panos (Atlantic Bulk Carrier)

Internal Financial controllers:
As per Martecma Articles of Association, article17 par.8 four (4) 4 internal controllers, three plus one st/by, will be needed to control the Martecma income and expenses.

Results of the election:

  • Kriezis George (Neptune Lines)
  • Apostolou Apostolos (Navarone S.A.)
  • Mountzouris Dimitrios (Hellespont Steamship Corp)

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