About Us




To be a Leading Association representing the majority of Technical Managers located in Hellas or of Hellenic interests.



  • To be an internationally recognised, consistent, reliable and uniform voice of Hellenic ship managers
  • Enhancement of Quality, Safety, Security and Environment friendly procedures in ship management.
  • Fraternity and discipline between members.
  • Consolidation of views and practices.
  • Keeping members aware, updated, abreast and proactive in view of the rapidly changing regulatory regime, shipmanagement practice and technology.


  • Share of experience within members, in a discrete and confidential manner.
  • Members broad and active involvement in MARTECMA committees and meetings.
  • Encouraging members to actively participate in international shipmanagement and technical working groups, committees and forums.
  • Strong presence and documented influence in the decision making shipmanagement and technical forums.
  • Develop business relations and joint committees with Hellenic Owners, Flags and Classification Societies.
  • Organise frequent meetings with Flags and Classification Societies.
  • Organise frequent meetings with leading Makers and service providers.

Council Members

  • Chairman : Panos Kourkountis (Seatraders)
  • Vice President : Antonios Georgantzis (Latsco Marine Management Inc.) – Fotios Belexis (Starbulk)
  • General Secretary : Panagiotis Koutris (Roxana Shipping)
  • Treasurer : Andreas Spertos (Maran Gas Maritime)
  • Members : Stavros Hatzigrigoris (General Maritime) – Panos Zachariadis (Atlantic Bulk Carrier) – Nikolaos Vaporis (Capital) – Haris Giantzikis (Arcardia Maritime) – Synnefias Miltiadis (Pleiades Shipping) – Fotis Dalmyras (Andriaki Shipping)


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