Martecma Elections 2009

Announcements | 13 February 2009

During the elections of 10th February 2009, 32 regular members who voted, being in order with Membership fee (58 is the total number of regular members with Membership fee in order, and in accordance with the Article of Association there was quorum)

In line with the total number of votes earned, the following gentlemen were elected:

-Mr. Takis Koutris
-Mr. Stavros Hatzigrigoris
-Mr. Stavros Daniolos
-Mr. Stefanos Tsonakis
-Mr. Panos Zahariades
-Mr. Nikolaos Makris
-Mr. Miltiadis Synnefias

Halved votes (all elected)
-Mr. Pavlos Lambrinakos
-Mr. Michael Adamis
-Mr. Haris Giantzikis
-Mr. Andreas Spertos

The new council will meet shortly to elect chairman, vice-chairmen and committees structure and members.

Members will be kept posted with developments.

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