Martecma Workshop on ULFO for Boilers, Metropolitan, 14 Dec 09

Events | 19 April 2010

MARTECMA organised a workshop on 14Dec09 in Evgenides foundation, to elaborate on the issue of ULSDO burning in boilers, establish the appropriate plan of actions and clarify as much as possible certain ambiguities in terms of:
– when and how to identify what modification of boiler is needed
– if and in what cases a specific approval is necessary
– What test can be performed to prove the suitability of equipment.
– who and how will approve the modification, in case specific approval is necessary, and in a safety and simple operations (not in business opportunity and profits maximizing) oriented manner.

41 participants, including 20 Martecma council members and members, 7 class societies representatives and 14 boiler and burner manufacturers and service providers, sited in a unique hellenic pi type arrangement, participated in a well organised debate based on pre-agreed questionnaire.
The outcome of the meeting was the rational and realistic evaluation of the safety concerns on the burning of ULSFO.
The participants list and the minutes of the meeting are attached herewith.

Congratulations to Minas Giaouzis and Viky Soussani for the excellent organisation of the event.
Congratulations to Stefanos Tsonakis and to Eleni Fragiadou for the successful completion of all administrative tasks and the excellent buffet

Please download the Workshop files from the link below.

Download WorkShop Files (161kb)

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