Greener Shipping Summit: “Gearing up for a Greener World”

Events | 16 December 2011

Greener Shipping Summit: “Gearing up for a Greener World” was successfully conducted in Ledra Marriott on 15Nov11, organised by Naftiliaki Newsfront under the auspices of Martecma.

It is reported that over 200 participants from ten countries attended the event, with interesting presentations, addressing the developments and availability of cleaner fuels and technologies to meet the environmental challenges of today and future.

The enhanced environmental awareness of the Industry, and particularly ship managers, was demonstrated once more and may be for the first time it was clearly spelled out that emissions cuts of 20% or 30% are related PRIMARILY to speed reduction and utilisation logistics, and NOT to technical innovations, which of course contribute but at much lower percentages.

The co-ordination of all stakeholders in the transportation chain, charterers, shippers, receivers will be needed for the Industry to achieve the required reductions in CO2 footprint, and to this direction we have to work asap.

All the presentations of the conference are available to download from Naftiliaki Newsfront website http://www.newsfr…tions.html

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